28 maj 2010

Chicken with Parmaham and Balsamico sauce

This is a recipe post for our international followers. There seem to be one recipe in particular that has great popularity in the international community: Arla's world famous Chicken with Parmaham and Balsamico sauce . Here it is translated and ready to roll.

4 portions

4 chicken filets
1 teasp.salt
1 pinch pepper
2 tsk oregano
4 large or 8 small parma ham slices
2 dl heavy cream
2 tablesp. balsamic
1 tablesp. chicken broth (concentrated)
2 crushed cloves of garlic
butter for frying

Turn oven to 225° C. Spice chicken with salt, pepper and oregano, quickly fry chicken filets in butter, just to get some golde colour. Wrap filets with parma ham and place in oven safe plate. Plate should be right about the size for 4 filets and with high (2 cm) edges. Mix together cream, balsamico, broth and garlic and pour mix around filets. Cook in the middle of oven for about 15-30 min. Serve with green veggies and rice.
At today's date, this is #1 at Arla's Recipe top 10. Emma cooked it the first time I ate it and there is no doubt this dish is a true winner!

According to me, the easiest and best way to cook Sugar Snaps and similar veggies (even small pieces of broccoli). Easy peasy! Fill your kettle with maximum amount of water (around 1 liter). Bring to boil. Put the veggies in a strainer (durkslag) and pour the boiling water over veggies and let them strain. Bring another full kettle to boil and just before serving pour over veggies again. Strain & serve. In my opinion - this gives the perfect feeling of being cooked- yet "al dente".

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